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Babycomfort mattress is a family owned business started in Del Rio Texas, by a couple who both have a career in the healthcare, with the help of their two little daughters, Seraphina and Stephanie, who have graciously agreed to pose with the Babycomfort mattress on this website.

Father works as a General pediatrician, has always been resourceful. As an 11-year-old boy, when he wanted a chess board but couldn’t afford one, he got some clay, molded his own chess board pieces, and drew checkered lines on a board for it. Problem solved. He also makes his own yogurt, and occasionally, very occasionally, makes his own wine.

Mother currently works full-time as a family nurse practitioner and enjoys taking care of her two little daughters. She takes baking classes when she has the time. She can make her own guacamole and she’s not afraid to experiment with different ethnic recipes from cookbooks. She’s over thirty-years-old and can’t swim. But she’s not giving up. She’s currently taking a swimming class. (Please come back for updates about this new experiment.)

This is what Seraphina (pointing at the bubble in the image above), would say about herself if only she could say her name well. Currently, she calls herself “Sena.”

“My name is Sena, after I came home as a tiny baby from the hospital, I had problems sleeping. I would toss and turn around trying to find the perfect position to sleep in my bassinet. Sometimes I would spit up milk on my little chin and then wake up crying. One day I couldn’t sleep all night. My daddy picked up the half-inch thin plastic mattress that came with my bassinet and knew he had to change it. He drove to Wal-Mart that night, then he searched on Amazon but he didn’t like the mattresses he saw. He wanted a safe, comfortable, slanted mattress that will help me sleep longer but he didn’t find any. My daddy took out a pen and drew what an ideal infant mattress should look like, then he went to a foam company and they made it for him. Afterward, he removed the thin flimsy bassinet mattress and replaced it with my new sleeper.

For the first time, I slept peacefully like a baby in my bassinet without the frequent cries and nighttime awakenings. We’ve finally decided to share my secret mattress with other little babies so that they can enjoy blissful night sleep too. Welcome to our website.”


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